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Popate launched on

March 01, 2016.


It is a rendezvous for Movies, TV shows, and Fan Art;

a platform for showcasing the fan art created by

Vikrant Banerjee,

every day, in the form of

alternative posters, phone cases, mousepads, pop holders, and other fun stuff for

Movies and TV shows.




I'm a self-taught designer, illustrator, and video creator primarily focused on fan art and content for movies and TV shows. I live and breathe art, movies, and TV shows.

Every day since March 1, 2016, I've made fan art. Most of my alternative posters for movies and TV shows can be seen at Popate's official Instagram page. You can also find it on Facebook and Twitter. My design aesthetic includes minimalist art, vintage, pop art, and vector art, which I showcase in my artwork.

In my time as an independent poster artist, I have sold my work to Lorraine Bracco (Goodfellas, The Sopranos) and Craig Borten (writer, Dallas Buyers Club). My work has also been featured on Green Label.

Furthermore, my fan art has also been featured by Brian Tyree Henry (Actor, Atlanta), Dan Stevens (Actor, Legion), Chris Bergoch (Writer, The Florida Project), Holt McCallany (Actor, Mindhunter), Kate Dickie (Actor, The Witch/Game of Thrones), Beau Flynn (Producer, Baywatch), Better Call Saul (official Instagram and Facebook) and Seinfeld (official Instagram and Facebook pages) on their respective social media channels.


Currently, my objective is to create engaging fan art and video content around your favorite movies and TV shows.

You can reach me via email, Messenger, Instagram, and Dribbble. Alternatively, you can reach me at any of the social media pages of Popate.

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